Enterprise successors show innovative vision, promote enterprise reform and create new heights

Enterprise successors show innovative vision, promote enterprise reform and create new heights

LESTARI IHSAN is a real estate developer with a long history of 19 years and a good reputation. Since 2018, the company has gradually moved from traditional operation to modern enterprise, promoted the company's development with an innovative vision, and successfully survived the economic crisis during the outbreak. The driving force behind all the achievements is ADREAN KWONG (Gong Junxin), the current executive director of LESTARI IHSAN.

ADREAN graduated from the Quantity Surveying Department of the famous INTI International University in Malaysia. After graduation, his son inherited his father's business and entered the company founded by his father Kwong Siew Huat (Gong Xiufa). ADREAN said with a shy smile that he didn’t want to get involved in the field of construction at first. His childhood dream was actually to be a pilot. Later, when he entered this line of work, he gradually found a sense of accomplishment in challenging jobs.


ADREAN’s father founded LESTARI IHSAN from scratch with his own efforts under the condition of having nothing. Therefore, deeply influenced by his father, he has always adhered to the entrepreneurial spirit of independence, perseverance, and humility. Refuse to be the second generation ancestor who can only cross one's legs. At the beginning, ADREAN worked as a site supervisor (commonly known as a foreman) on the construction site, learning from his predecessors and laying a solid foundation; it was not until 2018, when a senior executive left, that ADREAN began to contact administrative work. In the next day, I traveled all over various institutions and government departments alone, and suffered a lot of closed doors. After a long period of time, I built up interpersonal relationships bit by bit.

He knows that in order to gain a foothold in the industry, he must continue to increase his value, so he took the initiative to sign up for classes to learn business management, hoping that one day he can apply what he has learned to create a better future for the company. Later, he did practice this ideal. As Adrean often says, "Your life is yours. Only you can make decisions about your life and take full responsibility for any decisions you make."


Appointed to take over the company at the critical moment, innovative strategies to save the economic crisis

For ADREAN, 2020 is a year full of severe tests. When the epidemic broke out, just when the company was in an economic crisis, ADREAN's father suffered a stroke and was unable to continue to manage the company. ADREAN was ordered to take over the company in a crisis. He teamed up with furniture, insurance, interior design and other merchants, and through resource integration strategies, jointly launched a preferential package for house purchases. With only 2,000 ringgits in promotional fees, he successfully sold out the remaining 60% of the houses, allowing the company to survive. difficulties.

ADREAN said frankly that his father and some old courtiers were traditional businessmen of the previous generation, so when he initially implemented modern enterprise management practices in the company, he faced various doubts and oppositions. However, he achieved results through hard work , to prove his idea to everyone.


In 2021, ADREAN started to build the company's brand image: set up a website and special page, make exquisite peripheral products, create a comfortable showroom, etc., to provide the public with a new user experience, and the company's reputation has gradually increased.

Although he has gone through a lot of difficulties, it is a blessing in disguise for ADREAN. In the crisis, he saw various problems and traps, learned how to avoid and solve them, and enriched his own strength. In addition, when he successfully survived the storm, he also deeply confirmed a truth he has always upheld:

"Being a successful entrepreneur is not about wealth, but about character."


The Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur: Squat Low, Jump High

ADREAN recalled afterwards that when he faced difficulties, the people around him who helped him did not help him because of his company, his identity, or his wealth, but because he was a trustworthy person. Since he came out of the society, ADREAN has always maintained a humble and low-key style. He believes that whether it is starting a business or working part-time, it is more important than anything else not to forget the original intention and maintain a good nature and mentality. This is speaking from experience. He has seen many people in the business world who become arrogant and arrogant without realizing it.

"When you refuse to listen to other people's opinions, you may unknowingly push away the noble person who came to support you."

He reminds himself all the time that it will not always be smooth sailing in the business world. When encountering problems, don't avoid them, but face them head-on. Therefore, he has the courage to accept criticism, admit mistakes, and is not ashamed to ask his subordinates and learn with an open mind. He firmly believes that the lower you squat, the higher you jump. Looking forward to the future, ADREAN hopes to continue to lead the company to break through the limits and create better returns for the team. He said that the company has a harmonious relationship and strong cohesion, which makes him very pleased. Therefore, seeing the increase in employees' income and better living standards is his greatest sense of accomplishment as a leader.

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